Successful communication depends on three factors : thought, breath and speech.

Think – all communication ought to start by considering two issues :

  • who is being spoken to?
  • what message needs to be conveyed?

Breathe – breathing is an essential component of any act of communication. It not only conditions the speaker's vocal performance, it also affects one’s physical and vocal presence, thereby providing the power behind speech.

Speak – speech being the connection between speaker and receiver, its impact is optimized if our physical presence is secured and the voice is used to full effect. Consequently, it depends on the speaker who, by successfully negotiating the individual stages of the act of communication, will be able to capture, inspire and influence their audience.

Hence, successful communication not only involves planning 'what’ we say, but also paying attention to 'how’ we say it as well as maximizing the effect of one's overall presence. Courses take place at the Ecole professionnelle de Théâtre in Luxembourg City or in Dudelange, and our services include :

  • open courses (tailored to meet your firm’s objectives) ;
  • courses designed to meet your or your company's specific objectives ;
  • one-to-one coaching.

Languages : Luxembourgish, German or French