Exam anxiety

Exams are often an extremely challenging experience that can cause stress because the stakes are high: the dreams that students make for their lives, the beginning of a career, the expectations that they have for themselves, the expectations parents have for their children.
Exam stress is usually associated with the fear that a poor performance will disappoint both their own expectations as much as their parents'. It is important to understand what the causes and symptoms of stress are, and how exam takers can manage stress and control their emotions before, during and after the exam period.

Professional development for teachers
As a teacher you are permanently exposed to your audience's scrutiny, which requires status and natural authority. In order to achieve this, the following factors allow the teacher to capture, inspire and influence their class / audience :

  • physical and vocal presence
  • self-confidence
  • a good sense of humour
  • spontaneity and the ability to improvise

Together with the ‘Ecole professionnelle de Théâtre’ we offer drama or technical workshops tailored to meet your personal or your school's objectives.

Languages : Luxembourgish, German or French